Sunday, 23 September 2012

the tree of love

Next weekend I'll be here, positioning myself and my family in the gentle shadow of this beautiful old tree, embracing its energy and paying homage to its narrative.
The tree's roots plough into the rich history of the land that they sustain, strong limbs stretching with unrivalled intention into warm soil, long fingers channelling backwards and forwards in peaty earth that tastes of cold autumn evenings. The scent of a slow burning fire hangs softly in sharp air that charts the space you breathe, coming alive in a frosty smoke that chases speech playfully, meandering suggestively among tickling branches before taking flight. If its roots were underwater they would fashion a creel; a conduit of hope.
This Muile nan Craobh (Mull of the Trees) in the townland of Mullindress, Rathlin Island, is my garden of Eden, the field in which my new home is rising from the hallowed earth, emerging from soil that has enriched and blessed my father's family, my siblings and my children's. It is an integral element of who we all are and what we will all become. Its past is our past, its future our legacy. It is fitting then that this strong symbol of life, so important to us in fortifying our heritage and giving optimism for the future, will be Tommy's tree.
Next weekend, my beautiful Grandson Tommy will secure his rightful place in the inheritance that is rightfully his, even though it was wrongfully denied him. As we remember him, imagining with joy and sadness the world that we dared to hope to embrace alongside him, his roots will cradle us, protect us and keep us safe. We will never forget him and in the Muile nan Craobh he will be as much a part of us as we are of him.
Tommy’s narrative is embedded in the roots of Mullindress and our American oak swing, hand carved with love and compassion and swung high from the arms of strong branches, will sway with him and hug and protect his memory.

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