Monday, 26 August 2013

betwixt and between revisited...

It was a whirlwind day but one that fuelled the soul and put a spring in a step so frequently slowed by the demands of a life that I am determined to live to its maximum.

I journeyed to Rathlin on Saturday, my heart sitting in my throat, the rapid thumping too heavy to swallow, too wild to contain so I set it free, everything that I am racing in front of me, knowing the route, chasing my dreams to the top of the hill and finding rest in the soulful space of Mullindress.

I caught up with my dancing heart just as the sun was paying homage to my home in the form of a rainbow, a colourful spray of yesterdays and tomorrows arching across the hillside in a protective curve. A pair of swallows were giving chase, their excited chatter unfurling a tale of the last five weeks, their impatience quickly outlining the changes to the build since my last visit. It was such an aura of noisy quiet, peaceful and yet all the while bursting with energy and life.

What can I say? The house is beautiful, so perfect that when I stood still for just a moment the magic of the soil and the passing air swallowed me whole, dusting me in a flush of welcome. And then I trembled, swaying a little against a sudden fear, the impending doom of chaos and disorder that surely must be en-route, swirling in a nearby cloud of grey just because it can... I trampled those thoughts and moved on, anxious to see the progress.

Wow! It's so amazing to see change, to watch shapes develop and create ownership of the space in which they are contained. The rooms are now recognisably such, proper rooms with plasterboard walls ready for skimming. The plumbing is ready to house radiators and the electrics are just about ready for appliances. It feels so different, but yet the same, another layer of future carefully added to the nest.

The outside walls have been beautifully crafted, the builder making use of every stone from the original homestead. Aside from the breathtaking beauty, the walls are a stunning homage to the past, a home of more than 200 years old lives on.  There are two walls. One at the front (picture below) and a second at the back of the house, nestling the space between the mountain and the back garden, both protecting, the ancestors of Mullindress resting in my future.

We're cracking on now. This week the rooms will be plastered, the cement floor insulated and skimmed and then it's time for the beautiful white oak floors, staircase and doors and the fitting of the kitchen, utility room and bathrooms. Outside, the lawn will be laid, the driveway laid down and the patio (stunning blue limestone flagstones) placed in front of the gorgeous windows that have a heavenly view. The outside walls have been rendered and the guttering fitted.

The house at Mullindress  isn't a mansion or a work of architectural genius, but it is a home that will be loved and love in equal measure.

Here's a few wee pics to show you I'm talking about!

Firstly, my gorgeous wall!

My lovely wall, and the view of the garden and Tommy's tree beyond it (from the bedroom window!)

The house, all rendered and ready for a lick of brilliant white paint!

The kitchen (you may have to use your imagination for this one!

The living room, almost ready for living..

The Mull of Kintyre from my bedroom window. The view looks out to the east where the sun stretches into the sky each and every day. New possibilities!

I hope I haven't bored you, but I guess I have fallen a little bit in love!

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